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Apollo Personal Development Courses

Make lasting changes using the power of your mind

Apollo Personal Development Courses

Make lasting changes using the power of your mind

Self-Paced Development Courses

Unlock your full potential with Apollo’s personal development courses. Our interactive coaching and self paced development course videos are designed to foster self-awareness, goal-setting, and lasting behavioral change. Start your journey towards a more fulfilling life today.


Popular Courses

Popular Courses

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Quantified Archetypal Resonance Theory

Embark on an enlightening journey into the depths of your psyche with our QART program. Dive into a world where Jungian archetypal psychology, emotional energy work, and symbolic visualization converge to offer you profound personal insights and transformative growth.

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Apollo Behavioral Changes

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Embark on a journey of self-mastery with Apollo. Unleash your inner power with our various courses that transform aspirations into achievements, and navigate life’s challenges with newfound strength and clarity.



We teach you easy, actionable techniques that will provide you with quick behavior changes. Embrace the Big Changes taking place in your journey – the ultimate pathway to optimize your inner essence.



Step into the realm of infinite possibilities. Embrace the power of self-discovery, to evolve, break boundaries, and expand your horizons continuously. Work with others who are on the same journey in our online community. 

Unveiling Your Path to Transformation

Embark on a transformative journey with our unique blend of self-guided videos and interactive weekly meetings. 

Each week, you’ll explore specially designed videos that guide you through the principles of discipline, goal-setting, and manifestation at your own pace. Complementing these are our insightful weekly meetings, where we refine these tools together, ensuring they resonate with your personal journey. These sessions are tailored to support your growth, leading you steadily toward your desired goals.

What Apollo Offers

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Goal Setting Courses

Discover the power of our unique, tailored goal-setting courses that guarantee to be life-changing!  Our program helps you define and refine your objectives, aligning them with your deepest aspirations for a fulfilling journey toward success.

Interactive Coaching Sessions

Benefit from engaging, weekly coaching sessions. Our expert mentors provide insightful guidance, helping you navigate challenges and stay on track toward your goals. Each session is a step closer to your transformation.

Self-Guided Videos

Explore a wealth of knowledge with our extensive library of self-guided videos. Each video is crafted to empower you with skills in discipline, self-awareness, and manifestation, available to you anytime for flexible learning.


What People Are Saying

Apollo offers experiential discovery into the overlapping features of conscious and unconscious material between waking life, dreamscapes, surrealities, and the dreamy body itself. To drop into our bodies during a dream is a far more intense experience than the mental aspect of lucidity.
Leticia E Gomez

After contacting Apollo for advice, I found they had a lot of insight into consciousness and the mind. Because of their techniques and suggestions, I’ve been able to look at the subconscious aspects of myself in a new and positive way. Their attentiveness and support throughout our interactions provides a comfortable and meaningful setting to explore the inner reaches of one’s mind. They provided me with a whole new outlook on dreams, how they interact with us, and how we can learn to interpret them to better our lives. This knowledge has been invaluable in furthering my understanding of myself and it has altered the way I look at reality as a whole.
Chrissy Broderick

I have initially contacted Apollo for guidance towards improving health-related reasons. I found that Apollo has a deep understanding of the field of studying consciousness/the state of existence. I highly recommend hiring Apollo for help as you’ll inevitably realize that their knowledge and experience is priceless.
Maroon Ayoub

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